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the ultimate treasure hunt isle of wight follies

The Ultimate Mythical Treasure Hunt.
Isle Of Wight.

Join the Adventure, explore the mysterious and mythological Isle of Wight 

Island-wide ethereal, mystical creature treasure hunt!
Explore the Isle of Wight Mythology (mostly myth).
Explore the island in person or as an online game.
Dragons, Hydra, Chupacabra, Banshees and more to explore.

Start the isle of wight treasure hunt, guided by the sphinx

island wide exploration and discovery IoW

Bravely embarking on an island adventure!

Your adventures shall be the stuff of legend, people will write songs about you and tell stories you wrote of your epic journey, while sat round the campfire.

Adventurer with map and compas on the isle of wight
Isle of wight me nature trail and treasure hunt

explore the Isle of wight and discover more.

With a mix of curiosity and a sense of adventure, you can embark on a journey that takes you to all the corners of the island, plus all things above, and below, or swimming around it. 


Prove your amazing adventures of dragon spotting and troll engaging! What of the sea serpent, the fairies or the werewolves?
You'll earn points, badges and vouchers to show off your heroic awesomness!

Treasure found isle of wight me follies
Isle of Wight Follies books for your hunt!

Bringing the mythical to life with glorious original artwork presented on full-colour pages, alongside an introduction and fun story about the mythical creatures on the Isle of Wight. But that's just the start, the books seamlessly bring you into the excitement of the full game.

Isle of Wight follies series by mark mcintyre and isle of wight me
write your own story

Bridge the magical link from the Isle of Wight follies treasure hunt with the chronicles of you. Your stories of your epic of 44 mythical creature hunts!

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